On the Flank Ep. 26: In Love with OWL

February 18, 2019

John and Joe take a DEEP dive on week one and all of the story lines. They look back at their predictions, give an MVP of the week and go over what they're liking in 2019 so far. They also give their predictions for some of the best week 2 games.

On the Flank Ep. 25: POWER RANKINGS

February 13, 2019

The long awaited power rankings finally come out! John and Joe compare rankings, talk community countdown, recap the podcaster fantasy draft, and preview the first week of the 2019 season. They also begin their weekly predictions and compete to see who can have the best record by the end of the season.

On the Flank Ep. 24: Dreaming of OWL

February 5, 2019

John tells Joe about his dream last night. They also celebrate the release of HighNoon fantasy OWL and preview the final teams: Paris Eternal and Guangzhou Charge. Power Rankings NEXT WEEK.

On the Flank Ep. 23: OWL 2019 Betting Odds

January 31, 2019

John & Joe take a look at the brand new OWL access pass, 2019 merch and OWL betting odds! They continue their 2019 season preview with the Seoul Dynasty and Washington Justice.

On the Flank Ep. 22: The Runaway Dynasty

January 21, 2019

John & Joe talk Korean Contenders S3 finals, as well as an addition for Chengdu, and the patch stage one will be played on! 2019 season team previews continue with the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Toronto Defiant.

On the Flank Ep. 21: AnneDro! (w/ AnneDro!)

January 15, 2019

John & Joe interview their first guest ever: Florida Mayhem signed streamer AnneDro! She explains what its like to stream for an OWL team and goes into depth on how the Ellie situation has affected her so far. 2019 season preview continues with the Los Angeles Valiant and Florida Mayhem.

Thanks to AnneDro for being on this episode! Follow her twitter @AnneDroMedia or her stream at twitch.tv/annedro

Theme Song: George Clanton - Make it Forever

On the Flank Ep. 20: A Weird Week

January 11, 2019

John & Joe talk about the weird week in Overwatch with Mykl scrim leaks and the drama surrounding Ellie. They also continue their OWL 2019 season preview with NYXL, San Francisco Shock and the Hangzhou Spark.

On the Flank Ep. 19: The Breaking Point

January 2, 2019

John & Joe are finally grumpy about GOATS, something must have broke within them to get them to this point. They also preview the Boston Uprising, Chengdu Hunters and Philadelphia Fusion!

On the Flank Ep. 18: Schedule Released!

December 19, 2018

In this very special long extra content episode of On the Flank, John & Joe talk the new details of the 2019 schedule. John gives his top match of every stage and their season preview continues with the Dallas Fuel and Atlanta Reign.

On the Flank Ep. 17: Definitive Expansion Team Branding Rankings

December 10, 2018

John & Joe rank the expansion team branding 1 through 8. They also preview the 1st week of OWL 2019 and preview the London Spitfire and Vancouver Titans.

On the Flank Ep.16: Season 2 Preview Begins!

December 5, 2018

John & Joe grade the Vancouver Titans and Washington Justice team branding! Then they go over tons of roster news and begin previewing season 2 with the Houston Outlaws and the Shanghai Dragons. NOTE: Apologize for the audio quality in this episode, as John was traveling and didn't have the normal setup available to him during the recording of this episode.

On the Flank Ep. 15: Get to Know John and Joe

November 26, 2018

John & Joe tell their audience a little bit more about themselves! They also take a look at the very little news coming off of Thanksgiving week.

On the Flank Ep. 14.5: An Art Major Grades the new OWL Team Branding! (with Mariam Saeedi)

November 19, 2018

In this bonus episode, art major and UI designer Mariam Saeedi joins John to grade the first four new OWL team brands!

On the Flank Ep. 14: Pink, Blue and the State of Overwatch

November 19, 2018

John & Joe thank the OWL gods for the first pink team. They also dive deep into the problems and solutions offered up by Seagull, Jayne, Surefour and almost everyone in the fantastic discussion had over the state of Overwatch.

On the Flank Ep. 13: Fantasy OWL Wish List

November 12, 2018

John & Joe spend way too much time grading the three new branding reveals. The hate for Paris' nickname will be Eternal. They also touch on a few new signings and John's wish list for Fantasy OWL.

On the Flank Ep. 12: BOB, DO SOMETHING

November 5, 2018

John & Joe go over a wild World Cup weekend headlined by the UK and China's surprising performances. They also discuss the Ashe reveal and dream about a future where they get free tickets to Blizzcon.

On the Flank Ep. 11: Overwatch World Cup Top 8 Preview

October 31, 2018

John & Joe predict who is going to take home to gold at Blizzcon! They also dive into the leak wars and the recent Boston Uprising drama and what it means for a players union.

On the Flank Ep. 10: The Toronto Defiant and the Ambiguous Adjective Mascot

October 25, 2018

Team branding is finally here! John and Joe grade the Toronto and Atlanta team nicknames, logos and colors. They also go over the Paris roster, the new 27-0 Dragons and an in-game spectator mode for the Overwatch World Cup (bless papa Jeff).

On the Flank Ep. 9: Offseason Recap

October 17, 2018

John & Joe actually have news to talk about! They touch on collegiate Overwatch and a player's union. They also recap the offseason moves before the news floodgates (hopefully) open.

On the Flank Ep. 8: “Unpopular” Opinions

October 8, 2018

In a week with all rumors and little news, John and Joe hit on some of reddit's unpopular opinions, debate how long the offseason should be and discuss the official schedule changes for Overwatch League Season 2.