On the Flank Ep. 11: Overwatch World Cup Top 8 Preview

October 31, 2018

John & Joe predict who is going to take home to gold at Blizzcon! They also dive into the leak wars and the recent Boston Uprising drama and what it means for a players union.

On the Flank Ep. 10: The Toronto Defiant and the Ambiguous Adjective Mascot

October 25, 2018

Team branding is finally here! John and Joe grade the Toronto and Atlanta team nicknames, logos and colors. They also go over the Paris roster, the new 27-0 Dragons and an in-game spectator mode for the Overwatch World Cup (bless papa Jeff).

On the Flank Ep. 9: Offseason Recap

October 17, 2018

John & Joe actually have news to talk about! They touch on collegiate Overwatch and a player's union. They also recap the offseason moves before the news floodgates (hopefully) open.

On the Flank Ep. 8: “Unpopular” Opinions

October 8, 2018

In a week with all rumors and little news, John and Joe hit on some of reddit's unpopular opinions, debate how long the offseason should be and discuss the official schedule changes for Overwatch League Season 2.

On the Flank Ep. 7: The Nationalism in OWL Debate

October 1, 2018

John and Joe dive deep into some fans begging for Overwatch league to take a more nationalist approach, to the point where London Spitfire's season 1 championship victory isn't enough. They also touch on some more contenders pickups, Kephrii in OWL and what mains mean to the game of Overwatch.

On the Flank Ep. 6: SOOOOOOOOOON

September 24, 2018

John and Joe decide the French crowd should make the top 8 instead of the United Kingdom. They also discuss more Mykl rumors, celebrate the one year anniversary of the Mercy rework and take a look at the Torbjorn PTR patch.

On the Flank Ep. 5: The Episode Where We Blow up from Spotify

September 17, 2018

John and Joe recap the amazing Thailand group stage, preview the Paris group stage and go over the many Mykl rumors from the past week. They also discuss Overwatch League formatting.

On the Flank Ep. 4: The Droppening

September 10, 2018

John & Joe mourne all of the released players as the resigning period ends. They also recap the US Group Stage, NA Contenders Finals and get ready for an Overwatch League with 20 teams.

On the Flank Ep. 3: Eyes Emoji

September 2, 2018

John and Joe have permanent eyes emojis on their faces as the offseason news begins to roll in! They also preview the Los Angeles World Cup Group Stage, Contenders NA finals and whether or not OWL all access pass was worth it.

On the Flank Ep. 2: No Practice, No Plan

August 27, 2018

John & Joe recap the all-star weekend without practice or a plan. They also touch on xQc's world cup warning, various OWL transactions and the recent PTR changes.

On the Flank Ep. 1: Symmetra All-Star Weekend

August 21, 2018

We talk the Overwatch World Cup Incheon group stage, preview the All-Star weekend, debate how much Fissure will help Seoul and discuss the new Overwatch overlay called Visor.